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I was a nurse and skeptical at first. I was shocked to see that the outcome exceeded far beyond my expectations with less demand on his part… that did changed my mind, now in our senior years , doing our business anywhere, anytime, brings so much blessings as we bless others .

Fronni & Leonila

I used to scrape by on different odd jobs but I’ve been able to make more income in a month than I ever did in a 9-5 job.  Plus I love that my business is expanding God’s kingdom.


This is a God send for our family.  We get to homeschool our kids, travel the world, and sow into numerous ministries and organizations that we care about.  God’s hand is in this!

Jason & Nellie

God has blessed my family through this.  I have been able to buy my dream home and build a home for my nanay and take care of my family back home.  God is good.


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